iCare Apple Premium Service Provider


Mac Upgrades by Apple Certified Technicians

We offer installation and upgrade services for Apple Mac devices. If your Mac requires an upgrade then we are here to help.

Hard drive upgrades to increase storage space

If your Mac is running low on space and you want to add additional storage then we can upgrade your internal hard drive to a much larger size so you can add to your ever expanding iPhoto and iTunes Libraries!

Solid State Drives and Flash Storage upgrades

We can replace your existing internal hard drive with a new Solid State Drive to dramatically improve the speed of your machine or add a larger Flash Storage to your MacBook Air if you originally purchased a small drive.

RAM (Memory) upgrades to improve performance

Increasing the RAM in your machine will make such big improvements in the speed and operation of your machine. As you upgrade the system on your Mac to the newer versions your RAM is utilised more and more, leaving you with hardly any available RAM for your applications to use, this usually ends with the spinning coloured wheel whilst your system tries to allocate RAM to the program.

Operating system upgrades to the latest version possible

If you have found that you haven’t updated the operating system in your Mac computer for a long time then it is likely that without a set of upgrade discs you cannot install the latest operating system, then get in touch. We can run a disk defragmentation and then fully update your machine to the latest operating system possible and make recommendations to help your Mac machine run faster.