iCare – Apple Authorised Service Provider

Mac Repair

We offer service support for all issues ranging from keyboard repairs, battery, storage, network, charging or even audio related issues to reinstallation or upgrade.

We will run bench tests to diagnose the problem with your device. If we’re unable to diagnose the issue using our bench tests, we may need to book your device in for more detailed examination. Once we’ve diagnosed your Mac, we will explain everything so you can make an informed choice. We’ll let you know how long your repair will take, time can vary depending on the work needed and how quickly we can procure the genuine parts from Apple.

Issues we fix

Screen Replacement

If your MacBook screen is faulty or broken then the display assembly might need a replacement.

Not Turning ON

There are many reasons for your MacBook not turning on. Depending on the diagnosis, the MacBook battery, MacBook Display, or the motherboard might need to be repaired or replaced.

Speaker not working

If you are not able to hear any sounds on you MacBook speaker then the speaker might need replacement.

WiFi not working

If the WiFi or Bluetooth is not working in your MacBook then the WiFi antenna might need replacement

Heating Issues

If your MacBook is heating too much due to a fall or liquid spillage then the MacBook must be diagnosed for issues with the logic board or the battery

Keyboard not working

If some or all the keys of your MacBook are not working then depending on the issue the keyboard or top case of the MacBook might need replacement.

Trackpad not working

If the scroll or swipe functionality of your Macbook tracking is not working, the trackpad might need replacement.

Noisy Fan

If your MacBook’s fan is making a lot of noise then the same might need replacement.

RAM Upgrade

If your MacBook is slow or the performance has deteriorated then the RAM might need a replacement.

Windows Installation on Mac

If you wish to use Windows OS on your MacBook then contact us to get the same installed.

Water damage

If you accidentally dropped water on your MacBook then depending on the extent of the damage to the components of your MacBook we can bring it back to life.

Logic board replacement

If there is a defect in the Logic board, the same could be replaced.

Software Issues

If your MacBook has any software issues or needs software upgrade then contacts us to get it fixed.

Battery Replacement

If your MacBook does not hold charge for a long time or if the battery is draining fast, MacBook battery might need replacement.

MacBook not charging

If your MacBook is not charging then the DC-In Board might need a replacement

Hard disk/ SSD Upgrade

If you require more space on your MacBook or a faster Macbook, then we can provide a Hard Disk or SSD upgrade based on the initial diagnosis.

Supported Devices

  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini

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Service Support FAQs

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Also, if there’s anything you need to know about repairs that you can’t find on this page, do call us!

If your device is out of warranty, we charge a service fee when you book the device in.
This fee covers all of our time to process, diagnose and quote for the service required.

If you approve the repair quote there is usually no additional labour fee to pay, you just pay for the parts needed. If you decline the quote then your device is ready to collect and there is nothing further to pay.

Your time at iCare enables you to discuss your issue with a qualified technician in person and allow them [where possible] to create a quote for your approval.

Please note: For liquid damage and no power issues, your device will need a full assessment which cannot be done during your time in store.

The warranty on your device does not cover your data and we cannot accept liability for any data while your device is in for repair.

Please back up your data before bringing it for repair. If you can’t back up your own data for any reason and data is lost, we can attempt data recovery. But it’s much better to back up in advance!

If you need us to do a data recovery, please speak to our technicians for terms, options and prices.

All repairs to hardware faults that haven’t been caused by accidental damage or by cosmetic damage are covered by your warranty. Your technician will advise you during your appointment of your warranty status.

  • Accidental damage like liquid damage, smashed screens or damage caused by dropping the device.
  • Cosmetic damage including scratches or software issues.

Simply turn up at our one of iCare centres and you can talk with one of our experts so we can get a good idea of the fault with your product. If however, you would like to speak to us before dropping off your machine please feel free to call or e-mail us beforehand to discuss any aspect of your repair.

Assessment charges are discussed before booking your product for service department by the engineer. An engineer will assess the machine and provide you with a quote. Standard charges for assessment will apply for both accepted and rejected quotes. If your machine is under warranty, then the repair will be carried out free of charge. This does not include water damage.

Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASP) are businesses which have been specifically approved by Apple to provide repair services to Apple devices. AASPs can only use genuine parts, sourced direct from Apple and all